socializes, socializing, socialized
(in BRIT, also use socialise)
1) VERB If you socialize, you meet other people socially, for example at parties. open meeting, where members socialized and welcomed any new members...

[V with n] It distressed her that she and Charles no longer socialized with old friends.

Derived words:
socializing N-UNCOUNT

The hours were terrible, so socialising was difficult.

2) VERB: usu passive When people, especially children, are socialized, they are made to behave in a way which is acceptable in their culture or society. [TECHNICAL]

[be V-ed] You may have been socialized to do as you are told...

[be V-ed] From the time you are born you have to be socialised into being a good father.

3) VERB: usu passive When something is socialized, it is made to operate on socialist principles. [TECHNICAL]

[be V-ed] ...a socialist system in which the ownership of the means of production will be socialized.

[V-ed] ...the debate over how a fully socialized economy might work.

English dictionary. 2008.